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The Information Centre

The Information Centre offers a practical documentation: useful addresses, effective approaches, laws and regulation about employment, daily life, health, housing, international, hobbies, holidays…
You can consult more than 1 000 files, spread between the ground and the first floor. These files are made from the ‘Actuel CIDJ’ documentation, with information and directory at the national scale, and the regional supplement ‘Actuel Bretagne’, focusing on regional aspects and contacts in Brittany. Articles, books and magazines presentations available at the CRIJ also complete the file if necessary.
You can also find free guidebooks, published by the CRIJ Bretagne, “Se loger dans Rennes Métropole (Housing in Rennes)”, “Jobs d’été (Summer Jobs)”,… (at your disposal in the Centre or to be downloaded on the website). Computers are also reserved for information researches.

An Information Officer will help you for your researches if you are willing for.

Petite visite guidée :

Ground floor :

‘Sortir’ (Going out) Section offers you leaflets and flyers about concerts, theater, dance, conferences, exhibitions…as well as files presenting the festivals in Brittany. You also have the possibility to get some magazines such as Les Rennais, Nous Vous Ille…

Want to learn more about employment, education and training? Se former’ (Training) Section will answer all your questions:

Se former : scolarité
Finding a school offering alternative education, learning more about diploma, apprenticeship and vocational education, finding information about sport studies sections, European sections, having some instructions about internships in companies, distance learning…

Se former : métiers
Information about fields and opportunities of jobs, initial and in-service training, professional resources bodies.

Se former : formation continue
Going back to school, knowing your rights about training, finding information regarding skills assessment, recognition of work experience, customized educational workshops…

You can also find the Multimedia Space at the ground floor (word processing and Internet access).

First floor :

The Classified Ads Corner (‘Petites Annonces’) offers you “good deals” in relation with traveling (many ride sharing offers and requests), finding a new fridge, finding a bassist for your rock band, or exchange your special know-how against other services (categories : for sale, exchanges, music, ride-sharing)

Do do you have some plans in mind?

-  ‘Se loger’ (Housing) Section , next to the ‘Point Info Logement Jeunes’, will give you information about house hunting and financial help.
-  L’espace Travailler répond à vos questions sur la recherche d’un job, d’un emploi mais aussi sur la règlementation et le droit du travail, les dispositifs d’aide à l’emploi…

-  ‘S’engager, s’exprimer’ (Being involved) Section ‘S’engager, s’exprimer’ (Being involved) Section allows you to implement an international solidarity project, to organize an event in your neighborhood, to create and lead an association, to volunteer, to write in a newspaper…

-  ‘Partir à l’étranger’ (Going abroad) Section will give you some information about options of internship, studies, jobs, educational programs… and useful contacts for each country.

-  ‘Vivre au quotidien’ (Daily Life) Section helps you with administrative formalities, gives you information about transportation and helps to get driving license, associations related to human rights, household life, integration of foreigners…

-  ‘Partir en vacances’(Going on holiday) Section gives you tips about holiday stays and international voluntary workcamps.

-  L’espace Pratiquer un loisir vous donne les contacts des associations qui proposent sur Rennes Métropole des cours de harpe, de théâtre, de salsa, de scrapbooking, de deltaplane, de trampoline, de frisbee, de yoga…tous les loisirs sportifs et culturels mais aussi des associations spécialisées dans les secteurs de l’audiovisuel, de la danse, du théâtre, de la musique, des sciences et techniques.

-  ‘Prendre soin de soi’ (Taking care of oneself) Section related with the [SAS], Area for the Reception and Listening of Young people, gives you information about access to care, useful contacts in case of addictions, feelings of discomfort…


Nous contacter
  CRIJ Bretagne

  4bis, cours des alliés
  35000 Rennes

  Tel :
  Fax :
  Mail : contact@crij-bretagne.com

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