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Multimedia Space

The CRIJ Bretagne offers a Multimedia Space, consisting of 6 computers

You are allowed to use these 6 computers for free Internet access, within the guidelines issued by the CRIJ (see attached document), and for CV or application letter writing. All the tools at your disposal are open source software: Mozilla Firefox and Open Office.
You can also ask for assistance for your first steps onto the Internet, or guidance for word processing.

The maximal length of use for the computers is 30min per day per person. Ask for access to the Reception Desk.

Material at your disposal:

  • 6 computers running under Linux
  • DVD player
  • USB ports (for your flash drive)

-  WIFI access: Our Wi-Fi wireless network is in free access in case you have a laptop. You can freely ask for the Wi-Fi access codes at the Reception Desk of the CRIJ Bretagne.

- Interactive terminals: 6 Internet interactive terminals, presented by themes on the 2 floors, are also at your disposal in case you need to extend your document research.

- Price :

  • Price per black-and-white copy at the Multimedia Space: 0,15 €

Opening hours :

  • Tuesday: noon to 9:00pm
  • Wednesday to Friday: noon to 7:00pm
  • Saturday: 2:00pm to 7:00pm

The CRIJ is closed after 7:00pm and on week-ends during school holidays.

How to access :
The Multimedia Space is located in the Information Centre, ground floor.

Frequently Asked Questions :

  • Q: Can I print at the CRIJ ?
    R : Of course you can. Please check the price right above.
  • Q :Is it possible to reserve a computer to write a CV ?
    R : No, but the computers’ access is limited (1hour per person).
  • Q : I would like to open a Word document, is it possible ?
    R : Yes, it is. Open Office can open Word documents. But there is a possibility that the lay-out will not be the exact same.
  • Q : I would like to write a CV at the CRIJ, can I have some help ?
    R : The Information Officer, according to his availability, can be able to help you. The Information Centre also has some books with CV and application letter templates. Please ask the Information Officer.


Nous contacter
  CRIJ Bretagne

  4bis, cours des alliés
  35000 Rennes

  Tel :
  Fax :
  Mail : contact@crij-bretagne.com

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